January 12, 2009

THE chair, part two

Somehow this weekend slipped by without me making a trip to Lowes for some paint for the chair, sigh, but this morning Evelyn and I popped over to our neighborhood hardware store. I love this store. It's like the hardware stores my grandpa used to take me to, all sorts of screws in little bins and tiny paper bags to hold them. My grandfather used to buy big buckets of this one kind of nail, I want to say he called them five penny nails but I'm not sure. There were always scads of them around their house. Anyway, Meadowbrook Hardware is great. They have the nicest old men working there and a big old chocolate lab named Gracie who loves to lick my kids and let them love on her. Sadly, they close at noon on Saturday for the weekend and I can never seem to get myself in gear to go get what I need before then. But since I couldn't get myself in gear at all this weekend, I got to buy my (more expensive but accompanied by Gracie love) paint there today. While Evie took her nap I took off the seat, covered it with it's new fabric and painted the first couple of coats. I decided to paint the caning a different color but we'll have to wait for the tan to dry to get started on that.

I also attempted no knead bread this weekend. My neighbor and I had both started batches after simultaneously hearing about it from totally different sources. Hers turned out beautifully, mine didn't rise as well due to the fact that I stupidly left it to rise by the kitchen window where it's a little chilly and nowhere near the 70 degrees called for in the recipe. Regardless, it turned out pretty yummy and we had it with out steaks and corn tonight. I think I'll try again later this week. It's going to be a baking week. This is our snack week for Briton's class and while I did send in a few bags of crackers, I always worry that the kids will eventually get bored of goldfish and wheat thins. This morning I baked a banana bread after B left for school and took it in right before snack. Briton reported that his class now wants banana bread every day for snack so I guess it was good. Friday is Pajama Day at school so I thought I'd make some semi healthy pumpkin fairy cakes for snack that day. Yummm....