April 27, 2012

snippits of the week

If on Sunday, we indulged our lazy side, it was, in part, because Saturday was full of get up and go. I don't think there has been such a beautiful day since we moved here as Saturday. I grumble and poke fun at New York for a lot of things, but I really do love the weather here. I know we've had a curiously mild year this year, but I'll take it.
On Saturday morning, after chores were done and beds were made, we set out for a walk around the top of Central Park. Earlier in the week Briton had found - on an non-approved walkabout, I should add - a garden in the park that I'd never seen before.

The conservatory garden is on the east side of Central Park and is the polar opposite of the wandering, almost wild paths around the Great Hill or the groomed sports field and sand playground where we usually play. It is filled instead with rounded hedges, circular paths and flowers flowers everywhere. There were tulips aplenty which, I think, was the main draw for all the photographers and artists that day, but I went to smell the lilacs. Lilacs make me ridiculously happy.

From the garden, we wandered back toward the top of the park to the Harlem Meer where Will and I sat under a tree in the shade and the kids fished and watched turtles sunning themselves on rocks.

We didn't intend to spend the whole day wandering the park, but that's what we did. Grabbing food from a grocery store, finding drinks in the park, making it home just in time to snuggle down for a movie and bed. This week hasn't been a very exciting one, too many end of term preparations going on for good pictures, but last weekend made up for it.

Have a lovely weekend all.

April 26, 2012


Acrylic toenails.

This morning, while walking Evie to school, I passed a women with long, long, hot pink acrylic toenails. Despite the fact that it was 42 degrees out, and windy, she was wearing flip flops, which is why I saw that long pink acrylic toenails. But then, she'd have to, because there is no way her feet would fit into ordinary shoes. Maybe she could swing those crazy barefoot running things if she cut the ends off the toes, but other than that, I'm guessing she's pretty much stuck with sandals.

There are a lot of...interesting...beauty treatments around here. I recently bought a groupon (my first) for a hair cut (which is tomorrow! Yay!) and now I get all sorts of offers in my inbox every morning.

For example, this morning I received this
Diamonds are a Pores Best Friend. Catchy. Further exploration revealed that this could also include ear candling. I could look up what that is, but I wont.

Many of the deals are for the standards. Haircuts, color, manicures. But they always throw in something interesting. Often something I didn't even know existed.

Japanese Eyelash Perm. Huh. Well, ok then. I've also seen listings for silk eyelash weaves and eyelash conditioning. Here I thought I was all fancy by putting on mascara most days.

There area also things I didn't really think would be a coupon type of thing. Like liposuction. 50% off Lipo, a deal at $9000. But only if you buy in the next ten minutes. Who spontaneously buys $9000 worth of liposuction? Or this. What is this actually?