April 6, 2012

snippits of the week

Evelyn has no school today. Which means that Briton has no school today. Which means that, in theory, with no where particular to go this morning we could all sleep in. Right?
No. Evelyn popped out of (our) bed at one minute past our regular wake up time ready to PLAY and GO and DO. I sent her out to watch cartoons and half an hour later found her looking like this. I think someone found the chocolate chips.
It's been warm this week, warm enough to go down to Hudson Beach and play in the sand. Warm enough for icees from the cart on the corner after school. Warm enough that mommy got a little sunburn on her winter pale legs. Time to restock the sunscreen.
I'm knitting a shawl for myself out of yarn that I spun, my first project with my own yarn. (Can you hear me squeeing inside? I am!)
Also in the workbasket are a teeny weenie pair of booties and an equally teeny weenie sweater for another Evelyn. I wonder if she will love pink the way my Evelyn does?
Ok, not as funny as Mannish Water, but still good.

Happy Easter Weekend!