April 26, 2012


Acrylic toenails.

This morning, while walking Evie to school, I passed a women with long, long, hot pink acrylic toenails. Despite the fact that it was 42 degrees out, and windy, she was wearing flip flops, which is why I saw that long pink acrylic toenails. But then, she'd have to, because there is no way her feet would fit into ordinary shoes. Maybe she could swing those crazy barefoot running things if she cut the ends off the toes, but other than that, I'm guessing she's pretty much stuck with sandals.

There are a lot of...interesting...beauty treatments around here. I recently bought a groupon (my first) for a hair cut (which is tomorrow! Yay!) and now I get all sorts of offers in my inbox every morning.

For example, this morning I received this