April 9, 2012


ItalicIn a bit of excellent cosmic timing, two of our butterflies hatched Saturday night, greeting us in the morning with their slowly flapping wings as they tried to figure out just what this strange net thing they've come into the world in is.
We had plans to go to St. John the Divine for Easter morning but between the butterflies and an incident involving cat pee and the sweater I had set out to wear (note to self, never lock the cat in a room where your clothes are laid out for the morning, even if you think she might help herself to the carefully hidden hard boiled eggs in the other room) we didn't make it in time.
Instead we picked up pastries and coffee at the Hungarian Bakery and spent the morning in the Cathedral's gardens, listening to the music from inside and exploring outside.

After we'd let the butterflies go we went in search of the peacocks that live on the grounds and found a very pretty little garden tucked back out of sight between the rear of the Cathedral and the Cathedral School. Beautiful. Next time I need a does of color, I know exactly where to go.
By the time we came home another butterfly had emerged. Only two more to go. Briton thinks we should let one of them live out their life in the net so that she will lay eggs and we can start the process over again but it seems somehow cruel to me. I'd rather let them have a few days with the tulips and the hyacinths, and this pretty little flower that I can't identify.
Anyone know what it is?