April 12, 2012

spring breakiness

I had all sorts of plans for Spring Break. Lists of things we could do, last things to see on this, our last real break before we are gone. Because by the time school is done, we will be done with New York. Unless the job that comes is in New York, of course, and then, well, we will deal with that when we come to it. Because we still do.not.know. Sigh.
But my children had other plans. They want to play. Here. With each other. You;d think that they never saw each other the way they've been this week. Constantly together, and only occasionally getting each others goat up. Building Lego snake tombs (I have no idea) and flying boats, watching the butterflies (the last two have hatched!) and pretending for hours that they are in space, "floating" around their room in zero gravity and eating the pears that are floating up there with them.So here we are on Thursday with absolutely no adventures checked off our list but with many hours of imagination behind us. And that's fine. It's there break. And I love that they wanted to spend it together.

Besides, Uncle is coming tomorrow for a whirlwind weekend of New York fun, so there will be plenty of seeing and doing. Maybe they are just saving up their energy for my little (but bigger) brother. I hope he doesn't expect to sleep in.