February 18, 2009

Half-birthdays and other family nonsense

Today is Briton's third favorite day of the year. His first is Christmas, well, sure, what normal kids favorite day isn't Christmas. His Second is his birthday, again, that's an obvious one. February 18th? What's so special about that? Well, it's his half birthday. The day he becomes closer to the next birthday than the last. And besides that, I make him half a cake every year for his half birthday. Yep, half a cake. And it's funny, I think he almost likes getting half a cake more than he likes getting the whole cake on his actual birthday.

The only problem with celebrating half birthdays is that you have yet another reason to realize how fast they are growing, more remember when's. Remember when Briton called salami "some-mommies?" Remember when he used to look up into the sky every night and exclaim "A moon!" like it was a whole different moon from the night before? Remember when he used to ask for goat's cheese on everything? Remember when we brought him home from the hospital and we had no idea at all what to do with him other than love him to pieces? Being a parent, it's tough. But not for the sleepless nights and the never ending noise. It's tough because it almost hurts when you think about them growing up, about how much you love them, about how soon, they wont run to you when they scrape their knee or want a story read. It's just plain tough.

Happy half-birthday Briton. I can't believe you are 6 1/2 now. I can't believe you ride without training wheels and know what "cool" is and got your first note from a girl, but I'm glad your still my little boy, even if you're not so little anymore.