July 16, 2010

House Paint Troubles

Paint is a pain. I mean, painting in a pain of course but also, choosing paint can be such a pain. Ugg, I'm so frustrated! Will and I painted test patches all over the back of the house to decide on what color we would use, discussed the merits of each, dismissed one entirely and finally choose what we thought would be perfect. So I went out and bought a gallon and, as I wrote about the other day, we pulled off a chunk of siding and painted the wood underneath.

And it's not the same at all as the test. AHHHHHH! At first I thought it was just the light, or that it was not totally dry, and that given a day or so, we'd see the color we had chosen on our wall. Except we didn't. The test paint was flat, the real paint is satin, which could account for some of the change, and it is on wood vs. aluminium, but even when painted right on the aluminium right next to the sample and looked at from the side so you can't see the sheen, it's just not right. In fact, it almost looks a little... purple! Which just, grrr, irritates me. What is the point of samples if they aren't accurate? And the thing is, I've been down this road before. Sometimes the samples are just slightly different. Usually it's not enough to really notice, but this time, well, it is. I could go in and have them try to fix the color, but since we're talking about a whole house here, I don't want to have to re-adjust the color with every bucket we buy. And I really, really don't want to paint the whole house and find I don't like it. All I can say is thank goodness we pulled off the siding for a final test before we bought all the paint. One gallon of messed up paint I can deal with, eight I cannot.

So it's back to the drawing board. Which. Just. Sucks. At least out deck is dry again after the rain so we can add another coat of paint to that. Although the paint color debacle has kind of taken the wind out of our sails. Neither of us can get ourselves motivated to get out there to finish the deck when we have to stare at the not-the-right-color section of the house while we are working. Better get that solved so we can move on with this. I can only deal with blotchy house syndrome for so long before it will start to drive me batty.