June 15, 2012


She is six.

All of a sudden, her legs are so long, she is so tall, it seems impossible. She belts out Journey songs in her bedroom when she thinks we aren't listening and wants to be "on the STAGE!" She reads and reads and reads. And chooses as many patterns as possible when picking out an outfit. Because who doesn't think strips go with plaid and polka dots?
She is so big.

So big.

Her cake request was vanilla, with chocolate AND strawberry frosting, with jelly beans of course. And she wanted to frost it herself (except with my help too)  I'm not sure when she discovered Neapolitan, or if she knew that pink white and brown was a thing at all, maybe it just sprung up in her head in a six year old brainwave.

So big.

But, thank goodness, not to big for snuggles, of which we've been getting a lot lately. And not to big to sneak into our bed at night, or to still want her doll of the moment to eat at the table with us or to be buckled in the car next to her seat.

Not too big. But still, when did she get so big?