July 2, 2012

past the bobbin mill

Practically every one we meet here tells us about a hike we should go on, or a swimming hole we should find, or a hike that leads to a swimming hole.

The weather here (look away those of you who are suffering through 100+ heat) has been perfect for spending the day outside. Sunny enough to swim but not so hot that you want to run indoors after a few minutes. Perfect. If only I could find some way to avoid the midges and the blackflies I'd probably never come in (OFF, even the nasty DEET kind, has no effect. I've ordered some Skin So Soft but if anyone has ideas, send them my way, Evie and I are being eaten alive!).

This weekend we drove out to find the Bobbin Mill walk. The mom who told me about it said "You're going to think I sent you to the set of a horror movie when you drive up, but just keep walking, I promise, it's beautiful." So naturally, we needed to try it out. While the old bobbin mill at the base of the trail isn't quite horror movie worthy, it's pretty sketchy and I have to admit if there hadn't been other cars there we might have gone somewhere else, but she was right. A few steps up the path and old mill dissapeared, leaving a high tree canopy and dappled sunlight on the trail.
And at the top of the trail, or at least at the top of the well walked part of it, some thoughtful, wonderful soul built a swinging bench that overlooks a slow spot in the creek where the kids spent a good two hours getting soaking wet, sliding down rocks and catching water-skippers. I've come to the conclusion that getting my children dressed in actual clothes is a waste of time. They might as well just wear a swimsuit all day, everyday. Both are pretty much constantly wet these days. At least they are unfazed by the idea of jumping into a swimming hole fully clothed.

You'd think we'd get tired of shady, tree lined walks along creeks, but you know? Somehow I don't think we ever will. Really, honestly, truly- I love summer.