January 25, 2010

Floods, Jams and the Best Playdoh Recipe

We had a busy weekend at our house, between Will working most of both days, drizzly weather that kept us in and some distinct hints of stir crazyness, things were not super calm. And all of this culminated in waking up this morning to find almost a foot and a half of rain water standing in our basement which, although it's now gone, has left a sludge of mud over anything close to the ground.

However, despite the rain and the over worked daddy and the mud and the stir crazy kids and mommy, there were good things too.

* I made marmalade. Really, really yummy marmalade. Recipe coming soon!

* I finally got my color scheme worked out for the mudroom (which was a whole drama on my part that I wont go into, I'm just glad I'm finally making real progress)

* I ordered all my vegetable seed, most of my sets and some of my flower seeds for spring planting, and I even came up with a place to start a bazillion baby plants

* I FINALLY found the BEST playdoh recipe ever. Seriously. It's survived being left out twice for extended periods of time by someone in our family who shall remain nameless (hint, the shortest human) and is still going strong, smells divine and is just all around great. So instead of photos of the mud or the marmalade or the mudroom (three m's...) I'll leave you with this. You'll never need to buy playdoh again!

Peppermint Playdoh
1 c. flour
2T cream of tarter
1T vegetable oil
2 tsp peppermint extract
1/2 cup kosher salt

Mix all ingredients in a bowl then add 1 cup of BOILING water. Stir until combined, turn out onto a floured board and knead until smooth. Color can be added to the boiling water or at the kneading stage. Store in an airtight container. (Orange extract would be lovely too!) This makes about the equivalent of about two standard playdoh containers, a little more, so if you have old containers lying around, they make great storage for this.