January 15, 2010

Mudroom Update

First I'd like to say I have finally stopped procrastinating and the basement is now clean. Well, the non-shop part of the basement is clean, I'm not messing with the tool area. Mostly because I'm not allowed to touch power tools. This is not, I should make clear, Will's rule. It's mine. I have an awful feeling that I am genetically predisposed to injure myself with power tools, so I stay away for the most part. Also I just don't want to clean that part of the basement. But the rest has been dragged out of it's post holiday, too many missed trash days chaos and into something remotely associated with cleanliness. Oh it's not bring the company down to see it clean. and there is that large pile of stuff to be taken to Goodwill, but that will have to wait until no one under the age of seven and a half is looking.

In theory, this should mean that I am now free to focus my energies on the mudroom. Sadly (and probably correctly, but don't tell him I admitted it) Will has declared that before we do much more with the mudroom there are a LOT of projects at the 90% done phase that should be finished before we get engrossed in a new one. Bah. That's no fun. But as I said, probably a good idea. Although since I had already made a good start on the room I feel that I'm totally justified in adding it to the "to be finished" priority list.

Like I said, I have made a start AND I scored two great finds for it this week as well. Yesterday I bought this chair at Salvation Army where I was hunting for interesting mugs for a waterslide decal project I'm messing around with (check back next week for photos). Will's not a big fan of the chair but I think it has good possibilities. What the possibilities are exactly I haven't really decided, but I definitely see it as an in-the-corner veg chair for the finished room.

The other score was this mantle which I've already give several coats of shiny black paint and which will be appearing (sooner rather than later I hope) as something other than just a plain mantle. But I wont tell you what just yet.

It's still a mess, but between the paint and the lack of junk (other than building supplies) it's looking better. Now if we could just push it to the top of that little (big) list, we could get the trim and the floor and the storage in and I would finally have a place to pack full of all my craft, sewing and writing junk.

Humm, did I just suggest that I should clean out junk so that I can fill it up with junk? Yes, yes I did. Well, what can I say, I'm a recovering pack rat!