November 4, 2011

snippits of the week

On Saturday, it snowed. Not light little flakes but swirly, mushy, cold snow. Enough to keep us inside for the day. Which ended up being ok. Lovely, even.
Because we had planned on a weekend road trip, we'd stocked up on books and movies from the library and I'd bought a new game called Doodle Monsters for the car that was a great snowy day distraction. So other than the whole, empty fridge things, we were good.
When I was eleven, my family spent Christmas in London. A very cold Christmas in London. I have a vivid memory of walking down near the tower of London, freezing in the icy rain, when my dad stopped to buy hot roasted chestnuts. Instead of eating them (right away) we slipped them into our pockets to keep our hands warms. On Sunday we went to mid-town to check out the new Uniqlo store and on the way spotted roasted chestnuts. The perfect thing to keep us warm (no one liked eating them except me though)
The Book Fairy costume was a success, although someone asked if I was an " A-dress book". Might have to do that one for next year.
All this indoor time has led to some more completed projects.
Among them two wee little hats and more iron ons for the kids room. The A that I used for a stencil turned out a little weird though, I think I'll have to re-do that one. Maybe in some other color fabric. Too much red.
Briton is almost done with his Van Gogh painting. We watched a video on the artist and Briton's takeaway message seemed to be mostly about the fact that Vincent cut off his own ear. I guess that would be the cool thing if you were a nine year old boy though.
I took Briton and a friend to see a show at the New Victory Theatre by the Reduced Shakespeare Company. Not Shakespeare, alas, but sports. But even I thought it was funny, which is saying something. The best part was the grand old beauty of the theater though. Not that the boys noticed.

For only the third time since Briton started soccer in September, it's not supposed to rain, snow or thunder on Saturday, so we may actually get to have a game. Yipee! Happy Weekend!