November 3, 2011


Tommie dePaola was fantastic yesterday afternoon. He did not read from his new book but instead just told funny stories to the audience about how he came up with Strega Nonna (doodling while in a faculty meeting) and about having ovens in his studio so that he can bake bread while he works, which sounds a little like heaven to me. The kids giggled and laughed through the whole thing and then stood a little in awe when he offered to pose for a picture with us before signing our books. The only downside to the event was overhearing that Mo Willems spoke at Teacher's College last week (right around the corner from us) and I missed it. Darn. Next time.
It seems so off that the little corner bookstore in our neighborhood would have someone as famous at Tommie dePaola visiting, but I guess my mindset is still small town. Despite the evidence all around, I sometimes forget where it is we live. Note to self: You live in New York. So do lots of your favorite authors. Pay attention and you might get to hear more of them speak. Duh.