August 20, 2012

first hints of fall

From our windows, the forest still looks green. Green and sunny and warm. Two weeks ago we were struggling with heat and humidity, swimming in the river, avoiding the oven,  opening windows and placing fans and trying to get the air moving through the house when it wanted to settle, hot and sticky and unpleasant.
This week something has changed. The evenings are cold enough to light the wood stove. We aren't very good at it yet, it still takes us a few halting starts to get it really going and keep it cooking away, but we're getting there, and thankful for the heat on these chilly nights. And from the upstairs windows you can see that fall is indeed coming. The tops of the trees are crimson and gold here and there. A few leaves have floated down to the ground as well, picked up by eager fingers. Today we are sorting out the fall clothes that I packed away in vacuum bags before we left New York. Long sleeved t-shirts have emerged, sweaters and slippers are out and being used, the firewood comes on Thursday. Fall is coming.