August 2, 2012


The stripy sweater grows. I've made it up to the armpits which means that I need to sit down and figure out how to plan out a round yoke. I'm hoping that after the great steek affair, it won't be too bad. It's knobbly and slightly uneven and definitely hand spun, but I like the effect. More importantly, so does she. Evelyn keeps checking on the progress of "the pink and purple and orangey sweater."
The white stripes are made of kid mohair which has the peculiar habit of feeling vastly different at different points in the spinning/knitting process. When it was just loose fiber it seemed billowy and soft, like a cloud. While spinning it it felt slippery and kind of prickly at the same time. While I plied the yarn I thought it might be too stiff but now that I'm knitting it it's lovely. Soft and silky and bouncy. I want to knit all sorts of things with it which will be difficult as I'm running out quickly. Time to order another bag.
The colored yarn fascinates me. I love watching it change as the stripes progress, orange and then purple and then orangey pink and so on. Most of the time the color has handily changed right about the time a stripe ends so that each stripe is its own unique shade. Love.

I'm impatient to have all the unpacking done. Inpatient to have it all in place, all put away, so I can sit down and knit without feeling like really, I should be doing something else. Ah me. We'll get there. I keep telling myself we will get there.