October 16, 2012

to middlebury and back again

Middlebury is the place that we first fell in love with Vermont. In fact, Carol's Cafe in Middlebury is the exact spot where it happened. We sat there for hours, playing Jenga and scrabble and doing puzzles, watching the flood waters rise during the hurricane. And despite the impending storm and the waterlogged campsite and the worry that we had no where to go, we felt at home. So I love Middlebury. It's one of my favorite places in my new state.

Yesterday, with both my mom AND my grandma in town, two kids in school and a husband at work and a whole DAY with nothing specific to do other than pick the kids up after school and take them to Ben and Jerry's (because a visit to Vermont wouldn't be complete without a trip there) we drove up over Lincoln Gap, down through Bristol with it's pretty church spires and town green and through farmland to Middlebury for lunch (at Carol's, naturally) and then puttered back homeward again. And it was lovely. Even better than the ice cream - although that was pretty delicious too.