December 11, 2012


The weekend was after all, not really much calmer than the week. Gingerbread houses to see and admire, grocery shopping to catch up on, Christmas lists to make and basketball games and holiday parties to attend. All on top of three preformances of a play that three out of four of us are in (but oh, it's so fun to see my children fall in love with theater. Squee! And also to be reminded, after more than a decade away, how much I love the theatre).

But now it's quiet. Or quietish. The show is over (till friday at least) the car and the refrigerator are both back in service and there is very little on the calander this week. Blissfully calm after the chaos of the last one. And while it's not particularly cold (or snowy, which I miss) it's a good week to stay inside and work on all those Christmas gifts we have a-making. And also maybe to watch some Once Upon a Time, because the girl and the boy have discovered it and it's right up their alley. So we've started at the beginning and are makign our way through.

Ahhh. How nice to have time again to make dinner (that doesn't involve pizza or sandwiches) and snuggle on the couch to see what Snow White is up to this time. I'm sure the crazies will come back, how can they not? But I think I'll just take advantage of the lull for the moment and enjoy. How about you? Are you in the thick of it this week or have you made it over the hump to the calm?