July 24, 2013

favorite things

The lovely thing about a phone camera is the ability to capture all those moments when you don't have the time or the hands or the forethought to pull out the actual camera. And sometimes those are the best memories of all. Out of focus, off kilter, thumb in the way - doesn't matter. First taste of a Burgerville strawberry shake, seasoned traveller,  afternoon at OMSI, Powell's for the first time in six years, happy couple, silly flowergirls, Ramona's street - really really, and right down the road from the house you lived in once upon a time. Papa Haydn desserts with old friends, siblings saying goodbye at the airport, just for a week, but there were still tears. And yes, yes that is a bicycle powered mobile bar roaming the streets of Portland. You may thing Portlandia is over the top jokes and no place could really be that crazy but I'm telling you, they haven't even brushed the surface of all the weird things you see there (did you know there is a self cleaning house in Portland?)