July 12, 2013

poppa time

I wish my parents lived closer all year long. It's been wonderful having them just down the road for the past month and now that we are in our last days of this trip I can already tell how strange it will be without them here. No more making crazy google-eye creatures with Nana when it's raining or big everybody-pile-in-the-car-lets-go-explore trips for a while (or having my mom here for evening knit/crochet time, which has been bliss). We are so lucky that they can come for a good long stay so I suppose I should be happy with that, but oh, how lovely it would be if they were always close by.

Earlier this week, during breaks from building a treehouse in the yard (when it wasn't raining)  and a new wall in the basement (when it was raining), my dad sat down on the floor of the sunporch with the kids and taught them how to play marbles. I remember clearly when he taught me, explaining about cats-eyes and shooter and how to hold your thumb just right for a good shot. About how the playground at his school had pre-marked circles for for marble playing and how I wished mine did too.

The low pile carpet in the sunroom made an excellent marble pitch and we've had several intense games since, and our marble collection, which was just a small bag of clear marbles, has grown into a more impressive set with a pink (naturally) shooter for Evie and a green one for Briton and some pretty, colorful marbles in the mix. Lucky us, to have a Poppa who will sprawl on the floor for a match and go hunting on a rare sunny morning in all the little shops around here till he found someone who sold marbles just to make the game that much better.