October 2, 2013

in progress

As always, we've got several projects going right now. Will and I both have a hard time sticking to one project at a time. We've been puttering away for months at the sing area in the kitchen and still haven't gotten much further than getting most of the time in, but not grouted, and the new shelves up. There is a wall in progress in the basement to create a seperate utility room and trim to be put up around the new drywall in the living room. Lots of little things to finish. Which did not stop us from starting on a big thing, which now needs finishing. The new room and smaller porch, which were both once one long underused sun porch is, as I mentioned, habitable, but not done. The inside needs tape and drywall mud and paint. And furniture. and the outside needs the rest of the trim and shingles. But it's coming. And already the house feels more balanced. The porch had been an add on after the rest of the house was built and I don't think it ever really worked well. When we looked at the house it was used as storage. So you walked into floor to ceiling boxes and then into the house. The new room will be a guest room/craft space we think, but only after we cycle everyone through it while we overhaul the upstairs bedrooms over (I hope) the next month or so. Much easier to paint a room without Legos all over the floor.

So we are still in progress. But making progress. Also in progress, but stalled, is our coffee table cart. I like it the way it is, cleaned up a bit from when we first brought it home, but eventually we will get some new (old- we're looking for barnwood) boards to replace the planks that are plywood and not really sandable and we hope to get the random bits of spray paint off the metal. Someday. For now it's fine as a functioning work in progress.

The leaves are in progress too. Every day, more yellow and red. Today I could smell the leaves, really smell that dying leaf fall smell. It's one of my favorites. Fall in progress. House in progress. All good things.