October 15, 2013


When Evie turned two, she got a new bedroom for her birthday. Well, not exactly a new room, it was the same room, but new furniture, a real bed, new sheets and blankets, a newly painted dresser and a spindly vanity table. I'm sure she got other things as well, clothes and toys, but her big gift was the "Big Girl" room. The bed and vanity we picked up from a neighbor, they just seemed, even at two, so very Evelyn. And the dresser, which had been Briton's once upon a time, was repainted and re-knobbed to match. The over sized (for a wee little thing) bed was excellent for those nights when mama or daddy needed to lay with her, and the vanity, which we've always called a desk, made an great work surface for her "projects".

And then we moved and the kids needed to share a room, so the "big girl furniture" got put away, exchanged for a simpler twin bed. It wasn't until we came here that it emerged again. And while it made for a very pretty room, it didn't, in the end, leave much play space for her. So this weekend we had a little furniture switching dance.

Up from the new room came the bed that was Briton's, and before that my brother's and before that mine. The perfect bed, in my opinion, for kids. With drawers and a shelf and no possible way to junk up the under bed area, it's almost the only furniture a girl needs. Almost. Because up from the basement came my old roll top desk, just the right size for my little artist, who needs plenty of drawers for her markers and paints, and a place to work, and nooks and crannies for "precious things" as she calls them.

Her furniture was rerouted to our room, which makes me happy since I've always been a little jealous of that bed and vanity set. And our old bed and dresser headed down to the new room, where it will make a much better guest bed than the twin. Lots of lifting and shifting and a little painting and digging in the closet for better fitting blankets and sheets for new beds. Everyone is happy. Especially the Calico Critters who now have a whole neighborhood set up in the now wide open corner of her room.

Next, Briton's room (if he'll allow it).

PS.  Please excuse the pictures. The lens on my DSLR that I use for indoor photos got dropped by the "cats" and so I've been playing around with instragram for indoor shots. Fun, but not my long term solution for photos.