January 22, 2014

busy bees

Oh we've been busy bees here in the cold cold Northeast. Working away on the house here and there. It's funny, I've lived with crazy paint patches and broken lights for over a year but it's so much better with them fixed!
The new room, apart from the insulation that will go in once its above freezing again (And when will that be? Not today, the HIGH today is -5) is done. Pretty and bright and a studio for me! It's still a little cold unless we have one of our little heaters in there, but it's lovely to have a space for yarn and sewing and a table for cutting fabric. Heaven. I need to hang some art and put my antique quilt rack together with some of our quilts to soften it up a little more and bring in my jars of buttons and knitting needles and things like that, but it makes me happy just to see it done at last!
Outside we took advantage on one warm day and stained the new shingles. It's hard to match aged stain but it's close enough. There are still a few more spots to patch up, columns to wrap with wood, trim to be added, but the house looks almost done out there in the snow.

We're toying with painting the kitchen cabinets, wood floor, wood countertop and wood cabinets have always seemed a little too much to me, but choosing the right paint color has been a challange. And we're trying to get all the little project ends that have sat unfinished done before we embark on a new one.

I'm ready for it to warm up a little. This winter has been so much colder than last. Too many days below zero. Too many days below -10. At least it give me the excuse to sit and knit by the fire!