March 14, 2014

hello from the other coast

Yes, the other coast. We're on the other side of the country. Almost as far from Vermont as we could get and still be in the continental US.

We moved.

Yes, I know, it's crazy and out of the blue and....crazy.

I love Vermont. We loved Vermont. We loved the small town and our friends and I loved my job and the kids loved the school, and we even loved the snow. But for many reasons, the greatest of which was Will's long and terrible commute, when the chance came to move, and not just move but move home, to Portland, where the commutes were short (and by bike!) and we had friends and much closer family, and where we have never quite gotten over was too good to pass up. So, in the middle of the worst winter ever and with three feet of snow on the ground we loaded a moving truck (with a sled part of the time) and packed up our car and drove all the way across the country to our new home. So now we are here.


It doesn't hurt that it's spring here either