October 5, 2009

At Last!

Over the past three and a half months the whole baking-all-the-time thing has kinda gone by the wayside. For a while I had no stove, and no counter tops which was a legitimate excuse. And there was the whole moving thing which does tend to get in the way. But to be honest, I've been perfectly able to bake and cook for a while now, I've just been reoccupied by other things. Yes, we've been in constant renovation mode but still, I could, I just don't. In part this is because I just haven't quite gotten into the swing in the new house and with the new school year. My lovely little orderly life that I drew up in a neatly printed schedule a few months ago is still hanging on the wall, but it's not really getting used.

But the cooler weather is lulling back into my old habits. The shock of the cold wood floors as I crawl out of bed in the morning makes me crave hot cinnamon rolls and a big mug of coffee. And when I dashed out before Will left for work for a gallon of milk and FINALLY found a can of pumpkin I saw it as a little nod from the cooking gods, well maybe more of a good shaking than a nod. "Get to it Gillian!"

So today my son will come home to that pumpkin bread that he's been asking for (nothing terribly exciting, pretty much the Cooks Illustrated recipe without the nut because nuts? In something sweet and dessert like? Why?) and if all goes well there will be a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven by the time Will comes home from lunch. I even made soup last night. A sure sign that both fall and cooking season are here in our house.

Who knows how long it will last. We have one last renovation push to make it through before the Halloween party that seemed like forever away in July and is now three weeks away. So the cooking might get pushed to the side yet again, and we'll be back to making pizzas twice a week, but I'm hoping this little baking spree will kick me back into the groove. Fingers crossed, it's time to get baking.