September 30, 2009

Go Go Go Go....Crash

I'm having a do noting kind of day. As in, I really, REALLY want to do absolutely nothing today. I'm not very good at doing nothing, much as I might want to. I've never really learned to pace myself when it comes to all the sewing, crafting, house renovating that I find myself doing these days. Mondays I'm gung ho. I get a ton done. I clean, I cook, I make and work and write and play. Tuesdays I get almost as much accomplished, still working hard. By Wednesday or Thursday I'm paying for it. I'm tired and just DONE. But there are still things that need doing, so I chug on, slower, inefficiently, but still on. By Friday I've usually recovered enough to do a big end of the week house clean, but I never find myself a whirl of activity on Friday the way I do on Monday.

There is a long list of to-do's today. I need to unpack Will and Evie's suitcases, wash and dry and fold and put away the weeks laundry. Outside there is a big pile of mulch, a small pile of cardboard and a bag of chicken hay just waiting to be put to work as our future garden beds along the newly installed fence. There is a review to write for another blog, there is dinner to start, beds to make, chores to do. But here I am, sitting outside watching Evie swing in her red stripy tights, because it's finally cool enough to wear tights and sweaters and long sleeved shirts and boots. And there is a new book sitting on the arm of my chair next to my coffee. I'm sure I'll get to that other stuff in a little while. I'll start feeling guilty sitting out in the autumn sunshine reading and playing while the chores wait and I'll get up and do them.

But before I curl up in my favorite Adirondack Chair and get to my book I'll show you what it was that kept me dizzy busy this weekend. Will and Evie went to Dallas for four days, and as a surprise for him I thought I'd tackle the grotty, grungy, outdated bathroom upstairs that he hates but that we have not had time to work on yet.

On Saturday the bathroom looked like this

On Saturday night I pulled out all our junk, ripped out the sink and the mirror and painted the tile and tub =with some truly nasty epoxy paint.

Sunday Night I painted the walls and put in a new medicine cabinet and installed flooring

Monday night I put in the new sink and curtains and doo-dads so that now it looks like this.

It's not done. I ran into difficulties trying to install trim around the mirror and I haven't put the new outlets in, just the covers, but now instead of going in and thinking "yuck!" I think "ahhhh...."

It was a busy couple of days, what can I say. Maybe reading a book all day today would be excusable after all....