Monday, September 21, 2009

Plywood Free

Will and I made yet another slog up to IKEA yesterday to get the remaining piece needed to finish the counter top. You'll notice that the photos I posted before did not show the island, well, now you know why. The concrete was finished, the counter top wasn't really.

When we poured we calculated for a good bit more concrete than should have been necessary but somehow still came up short. But since we had split the island form into three chunks we decided to pour two for the island and fill in the missing space with butcher block. It has turned out to be a blessing in disguise since I've had two of my trusty cutting boards fall to pieces since we moved in. And since you aren't supposed to cut on concrete the block piece of the counter will be a savior when it comes to all the cutting, rolling, chopping and kneading I tend to do. So phew, good thing we screwed up!

While we were up at IKEA we also picked up bookshelves for the living room which looks like it will be the next indoor project round the house. And for the record, I think we shoudl have won a prize for most crap shoved into a station wagon with two kids in tow! While it's not strictly a "must do NOW" project, the books pining away in boxes in my basement will be much happier (as will I) up stairs and away from the spiders and sawdust. I've also got a big old pile of mulch just waiting outside for me to get to work. And I will...I hope.

In the mean time we are moving into a busy month (I know, like our lives haven't been busy up till now) with plans for the Halloween Party in the works, invitations to make and pass out, fall decorations to put up, a list as long as my arm of small crafts I'm working on for other writing gigs, costumes to make, and oh yeah, more renovations (hello bathroom! I'm coming for you!)

By the way, anyone have a dozen or so Osage Orange balls lying around their yard that they want to send to me? I need them for something and I don't know where to find any around here..... Here's hoping someone on Freecycle has some!


  1. You are way ahead of me...
    I realize that when you take the time and patience to do things your way, you do enjoy it eaven more. Congrats on the landmark of the completion of your counter top.
    Hey, what is that nice painting or poster you have in the background?
    oh and P.S. about Ikea, I usually go there 3 times a week to measure and try to decida what would go where.

  2. Ha! That's actually a painting my son did in art class. They were studying Matisse and it turned out so cool that I framed it in this ornate fram I got at a junk store. Most of my art is framed in plain black, so it was fun to do!

    I might be ahead on counters but you are on floors, ours our in such a sorry state! I keep forgetting to leave you my email address so I can see pictures. It's willandgillian(at)gmail(dot)com

    I cant wait to see them, how is it going?

    Oh, and can you believe, after we got home and started putting the shelves together we realized we'd forgotten to buy one. Ugg....

  3. Have your son explore the artist in him, even at that distance it captures your eye.
    pics on the way...

  4. What kind of fridge do you have?

  5. My husband & I are big DIY people and are looking into purchasing a home soon, as a result we're dreaming about kitchens, dining rooms, etc and it's so strange, your kitchen IS our DREAM KITCHEN! I can't wait to pull this post up & show him what the dream looks like as reality! Thanks!

  6. The fridge(s) are by Summit, and they are fab! High quality, freezer really freezes, excellent space layout. Love them.

    Jess - thanks for the compliment! GOod luck with your kitchen! Share pics when it's done please!


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