September 8, 2009

Sneak Peek

What with a Labor Day (weekend) trip to see family in Kentucky, a couple of mini projects in the works (hair clip holder, coming my way soon, thank goodness!), prepping for our towns semi-annual children's used clothing sale and some crazy excitement coming to our house this week (more on that tomorrow), we haven't done much around the house. But I do have an eensy weensy sneak peek for you. Will came home at lunch and we unmolded a piece of the counter top. Actually,we also did one before we left but couldn't move it since it needed another three days to cure. But as of today they are unmold and move ready and just for kicks we put the two we cracked open on the island so we could get a feel for what we were in for. I LOVE it. It turned out much better (cross your fingers, touch wood that the others are equally smooth and crack free) than I thought it would and will need only some minor filling along the edges. Now this is not filled, sealed, waxed or even fastened down, but you get the idea.