September 2, 2009

Let there be Light!

I'm sort of the family electrician. Will is not a big fan of wiring. He can do it. (well, there was that incident earlier this summer when he blew the circuit connecting the wrong wires when he was changing out the plug...) but really he just hates it. So it falls to me.

It's not really my thing either. Better than plumbing for sure. But I'll do it when I have to. We've had two pendant lamps cluttering up the dining room for two weeks. I really shouldn't have even bought them to begin with. It's not like lamps are really a priority when we are still living with plywood counter tops (thank goodness that will be over soon!) but A friend had given me these cool shades and the pendents seemed like the perfect fit for them so I went ahead and got them. And now I've been itching to hang them ever since.

Last night I made a last ditch effort to get Will to do it. His reply was to hand me a list of "to-do's" a mile long. Lighting was somewhere near the bottom. Ok, Ok, I get the message.

Let me tell you something. Hanging ceiling lights is a pain. No, really, my arms are killing me. I can only hold a drill over my head for so long before my arms start to scream at me. To make things worse, I was trying to hang the two shades perfectly in line. Impossible. In the end I hung them, ahem, artfully askew before realizing that one of the lamps, although working ten minutes earlier, had stopped working.

What can I say, one will have to do for now. I think I'm hanging up my electricians tape for good.