December 19, 2009

And then it snowed and snowed

The weathermen laughingly told us that their programs were predicting 12 inches of snow. "But that would be very unlikely" The reality was going to more like 6 inches, maybe 10 if it were crazy, record breaking, insane snow.

We're at 30 inches according to our deck table.

I love the weather here (apart from the way to hot days in August) because nothing sticks around for long. There are no 90 day stretches of triple digit heat or unbroken days of rain. Just about the time when you are sick of something, it changes. It snows a couple of times a year. Slows things up a bit, melts and then something else comes along. This time it will be a little different. We are supposed to have temps in the 30s all week, which means it wont melt away quickly the way it usually does. And we might, might even have a you know what kind of Christmas. Maybe. If we don't say it out loud.

The downside is that my parents were supposed to drive here today, which, of course, they did not (we're keeping our fingers crossed that they can start tomorrow and get here Monday) But the upside has been that school was already out, it was the weekend, most of our shopping is done for the holidays and so we were free to play. And play we did. We headed up the street for some snowing and ended up staying all day. We brought bread, they made soup, someone brought snacks, I hauled up some of this - which had not cooled for 12 hours as directed but was still yummy. We played cards and games and the kids watched movies and cut out dolls and cars that I printed up form this amazing flickr set. What could be better.

Now we are home, trying (unsuccessfully so far) to hook up the old Nintendo that my brother sent Briton so we can play Duck Hunt and Gumshoe. Evelyn is asleep on the couch in her princess gown because, well, that's how she rolls. Jelly is curled up beside me as I type, Will and Briton are digging in the power cord box to find the cord that might make this game thing work. It's a good kind of day.