December 31, 2009

Scratch That

See, the thing about me is that I have CCDD (Craft Completion Deficit Disorder). I start on a craft, I get all excited about a project and then something else comes along and I'm on to that. It's a problem, but sadly, there is no known cure.

But seriously, I really was all excited about the skirt project and then three things happened that have me going in different directions. First, after looking at the photos I took of the skirt and the jacket yesterday it occurred to me that, while I like the jacket fabric for a skirt, I REALLY like the fabric that is currently my table runner and which I bought WAY too much of because it was wool and on the remnants table. Yes, I could make BOTH skirts but then I got a rumbling in my brain that involved an reupholstering idea for the dining room chairs and old sweaters and maybe old wool jackets, but more on that in the next few weeks. And then the third thing happened.

I took the kids to goodwill yesterday to cruise the racks looking for some old sweaters (see above). Incidentally, I gave each of the kids a dollar to buy whatever they wanted and Evie found a pair of Ladybug wings which led to ecstatic jumping and cries of "I have lady bug wings, and I have a lady bug tutu dress (she mean her Minnie Mouse outfit but hey, red with white spots, red with black spots, what's the difference?) I can be a lady bug SUPERHERO!" I think The Incredibles is rubbing off on her. She calls it a girl movie, which I have absolutely no problem with, I'd much rather she thinks of that as a girl movie than Cinderella, but it's still kind of a stretch.

Anyway, back to Goodwill. After the ladybug wing dance and Briton choosing a truly horrible reindeer toy for his purchase, I found this.

I'm not sure why but the guy only charged me $2 for it instead of the whopping $3.95 on the tag, making it even more of a find. But why do I need this funky weird bench? Well, I'll tell ya.

When Evie turned two she got this beautiful vintage bedroom set for her big girl bed. We spotted it in the basement of a house were were looking at and the owner offered to sell it. It had been hers and although the dresser was long gone, the vanity was in excellent shape and the bed was mendable. I had always wanted a vanity as a little girl so I was really excited for Evelyn to have it, even though it would be years before she really used it.

Fast forward to this summer. When we moved into this house I realized that her bedroom set just wouldn't fit if the kids were going to share a room so we put the bed in the basement and the vanity in our room (I almost feel like cackling an evil laugh along the lines of "it was my plan all along! Hahahaha! But it wasn't so I cant take credit)

So now we have this vanity in our room where I keep all my getting ready junk and some other stuff that used to reside in the top drawer of our dresser (we have no dressers now, just shelves and baskets. I'm undecided about that at the moment, we'll see) And I've been using the chair that I recovered and repainted for my desk because, well, it matches the room. But Will has repeatedly complained about the chair because it does not push under the vanity and he runs into it all the time. I could comment on that being an age problem on his part, but I wont.

I've puttered at antique stores for a vanity bench but since it's not anywhere near a priority I couldn't justify spending the kind of money they wanted on it. But $2, even $4, that, I could do. So the jacket skirt has been set aside for another day and the bench has taken it's place. I have the foam for the seat and the stain for the wood so all I need is some fabric for the cushion. The hunt is on.