December 8, 2009

The wall came tumbling down (and the dust came billowing up)

Will and I are masters of starting new projects before old ones are anywhere near complete. This is why, despite the fact that the bookshelves have been up for two months, we are still missing the end shelf under the window and the heating vent behind the couch is, as yet, unpainted. We’ll get to it. I’m sure of that. But for now it will sit unfinished while we move onto new and exciting things.

This weekend was no different. Remember when I said the hood would be finished early next week? Yeah, still not done. It’s always too cold or too wet or too late to cut the hole in the exterior wall. And until that is done, well, the hood is still in limbo.

Saturday would have been a good opportunity to finish the wretched thing, well, other than the snow, but it could have been done. But did we do it? No. Instead we blew out the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom for the pantry, despite the fact that company was coming for lunch on Sunday.

“we could finish the hood.”
“We SHOULD finish the hood!”
“But it is snowing.”
“And really cold out.”
“And since taking down the wall will take a whole day and the hood will only take an hour or two we really should take advantage of the weekend.”
“Your right, we should. The hood can wait till tomorrow.”
“And we can get everything cleaned up for lunch tomorrow anyway.”

Right. There is still dust EVERYWHERE in my house. I keep mopping the floors and still they look coated in dusty, cement colored mud. But we did get the wall out. And we did get it, relatively, cleaned up. We did not get the hood in. That’s at the top of the to-do list tonight. If it’s not sleeting ice by the time Will gets home. Which it might.

On the up side we are well on our way to a kitchen pantry, which just tickles me pink. I cant even tell you how much I look forward to my baking equipment being in the island, where I, I don’t know, do a lot of my baking! Just the idea that I’ll be able to buy more than one can of soup at a time is strangely thrilling. Weird what I find thrilling isn’t it. It’s like the Christmas that I got a vacuum and was really excited until I realized how lame it was that a 20 year old would be THAT excited about a vacuum. What can I say, I’ve always been a little odd.

But back to the wall. It was not (thankfully) a load bearing wall so, other than the horrific mess that ensued, it came out fairly easily. Last night we put the lockers in and build the wall back in around them and tonight (barring sick children, headaches, working late, dogs knocking their canine tooth out-seriously, she did that yesterday!- or any other number of interruptions that could befall us) we will start drywalling the thing in. After we finish the hood. And go to cub scouts. And eat dinner. And make a new-because-we’re-coming-down-to-it before Christmas to-do list. But it’s doable, right?

Now I just have to find a new home for my organizer. It's the one casulty of the wall turned to pantry and I'm a little sad about it. Not sad enough not to do it. But it was the perfect spot to keep all the keys and mail and notes and phones being charged. Three days it's been down and they are all scattered around the house. So much for organization..