February 10, 2010

Before and After: the Mudroom Dresser

Storage is going to be the key component in the mudroom/office I'm quickly realizing. In addition to the mitten boxes, the coat hooks and now the dresser, I can already see that we will need a couple of under desk shelves for things like printers and sewing machines that need a more permanent storage solution than under my bed. So there is much more to do. Not to mention the floor which, well, I have a plan, it's just instituting the plan that is going to take a while. But I did get the dresser painted and altered and I got some art hung which just makes me a happy person because I hate blank walls. Tomorrow I'll show off my, um interesting, art display. Let's just say the current, snowed-in, probably-will-not-be-moved-until-July state of our car coupled with my impatience led me to come up with some solutions that I probably otherwise would not have. Which is a good thing. I think . Will hasn't seen them yet so we'll see what he thinks :).

But back to the dresser. I got this thing at Habitat which is pretty much my favorite place these days, for something like $20. I'm not really sure. It might have been $35 or else it was $10. The six snow days in the past two week situation has fried my brain. So let's just say, around $20. It's still in need of some love with the inner workings of the drawers. They don't pull out very smoothly and go too far back in some places, but the outside is looking much cheerier and because of it the room is starting to become that happy space that I'm so hoping for.

Just to remind you, here is the before.

and here is the after.

I ended up just painting the existing knobs because I haven't found exactly what I want yet. Partly because I don't know what I want and partly because my car is snowed in so even if I did know, I couldn't go get it anyway. So stay tuned. There may be more. And please ignore the floor, seriously. It's gross. I hate it. Breath, breath. It will get done.....