February 2, 2010

And the mudroom grinds on....

So like I said the other day, I'm making progress. Slow progress, but still progress. Actually at this point it's looking a little bare since the walls are nice and clean and white, but pretty much empty. But thanks to the flood I found some art I'd forgotten we even owned and have some ideas about framing fabric if I can find the right fabric so hopefully the plain walls wont be plain for much longer.

The mantel, however, is in and even in use. Remember it way back here? Well, since the back side of the fireplace takes up almost the whole of one wall in the mudroom/office/studio/whatever that room is, I hung it there where it..drum roll please...

is our new coat hook.

Everyone has their own, different and I hope self explanatory hook. Evelyn especially loves hers since it has a crown and a mirror on it and is low enough for her to reach. Briton's is red, mine is pretty and Will's is the closest I could come to a "man" hook. Really, not the exactly the easiest thing to find a man hook. But oh well. Oh, and Nigella has a funky animal that could be a dragon or maybe a lion hook because I liked it.

The hope is that instead of leaving coats all over the house and never being able to find mittens and gloves because there is no real "place" for them, the coats will go on the hooks and the gloves will go into the box and mommy wont spend her days picking up the trail of outerware that always seems to be dotted around our house. That's the hope at least. We'll see if anyone but me actually uses it. I'm sure once we move the door so you can get in from the yard (if we move the door so that you can get in from the outside) the members of my family will be more inclined to hang up their coats on the designated hooks. But again, we'll see.

I also found this cool chest of drawers at Habitat the other day and hauled it home to house my art and sewing supplies. My next order of business (in addition to the art) is to paint it the school bus yellow of the doors. I'm hoping to get to that later this week. Or maybe this weekend when we will be YET AGAIN, inundated with snow (up to 18 inches! ACK! Hello! This is VIRGINIA people!!)

So what do we think? Do we like the mantle coat hook or no. I'm not sure Will is convinced but I think I like it. And although I know he is against the white walls, once the art is hung I think (hope) it will make a bright but warm looking room. Fingers crossed.