February 17, 2010

New (Old) Friend

I totally forgot to introduce you to my new friend. Everyone, meet chair. Chair, meet everyone.

I spotted this chair over Christmas when my mom and I were cruising shops downtown. It was in this funky basement shop that sells not quite cool vintage clothing and other oddities. I've been coveting a mid century mod-ish chair for the little corner where Nigella used to sleep before she decided the couch was more fun. When we moved into the house we already had two living room chairs plus two other candidates that had been in bedrooms in the old house. But none of them fit, particularly after we added the bookshelves. With a couch and a love seat we have plenty of seating unless we have a crowd in the house, but it never looked quite balanced to me. When I saw the chair back in December I knew it would fit that little corner. And it didn't hurt that the upholstery was already a nice and slightly funky orange tweed. Just my kind of thing.

Ever since I've been dropping hints to Will. Hints like "I really want that chair at Ike's Underground Will." and "Hey you know what we need? That chair at Ike's Underground." And finally a text with a photo of the chair, directions to where it was in the store and the message. "Valentines Day" subtle, huh?

Honestly, I didn't think he'd go for it. He might, I figured, tell me to just go get it. Or he'd continue to ignore my "hints" but while I was at a class on Saturday he and the kids went downtown, bought the chair and carried it home for me. What a lovely surprise. And I was right, it's just perfect for the spot. Now I just need a little reading lamp to put on the bookshelf behind. Easter maybe?