April 19, 2010

Project #2

Ok, so the photos didn't make it in on Friday. The project was finished, the photos were taken, but I decided to opt for a glass of wine with a friend and then a stroll down to Charlottesville's weekly (in the summer) concert, Friday's After Five. What can I say, Will's out of town - I needed a little down time :)

So first of all, as promised, here's what I did with the ugly chandelier. Much better no? A little spray paint (not too much went onto the grass!) and a big old hook in the tree over our adirondack chairs, my favorite afternoon sit and read or work or watch the kids play spot.

When I bought it I had grand plans to rewire it for outdoor use. I'm not bad with wiring and have knocked out a few DIY lamps, but decided that I didn't know enough about what went into waterproof lighting to give it a safe go.So I clipped out all the existing wires and pulled off the lightbulb sockets, leaving me with just the faux candle holders.

Candles! Ohh, I could put candles in there! Pretty, romantic, nice, soft lighting. Also fire. In a tree. Where there is a huge dead limb just overhead. So. No.

On to plan C. Flickering LED tealights! The good news is that they fit perfectly in the little holders. The bad news is that they are a little low so I still have to add something to boost them up so you can see their happy little glow. But for the most part, it's done. And really, even without the lights it makes a pretty addition to the garden. I think, however, once the pergola is done (Hurry home Will! I'm impatient!) and the lights are up on both that and the lamp, the outside will be fantastic for evening rambles and meals. I can't wait.

My other big project of the weekend, besides finishing the downstairs floors (yay! done! SOOOO much better! now onto the stairs...) was to move the gigantic pile of mulch I've been moaning about. I overestimated by a leeetle bit on the mulch order. Six cubic yards turns out to be a monstrous pile of mulch. But finally, FINALLY, last night I got the last bits spread. I'm sure the neighbors are much happier now that there isn't a ever-spreading, never ending pile of dirt on the road, not to mention the giant tarp that tended to drift out into the street on a windy day. But NO MORE. Until fall at least....

Will comes home tomorrow night and I've still got a few things to finish before he does then we have a busy two weeks in preparation for some exciting events that I'll tell you about later, when I'm allowed to (it's cool! I promise!) I'm going to try very hard to focus on what must be done as opposed to what I want done (mudroom - will it ever end - probably not. Ugly red deck - to paint or tear down and build anew. Outdoor chairs - do I have too much blue already to coat them in various shades of azure? It goes on and on folks...) Sigh, so many projects, so few hours when the kids are asleep or otherwise occupied so we can get down to work!

Speaking of work, time to get back to it. Tell me what you think of le lamp, will the flicker-lights work or should I try to wrap in twinkle lights?

**Edited to add**
Bre over at Red Bungalow has some pictures up of a series of back yard chandeliers. Love love love. And now I want a long blue table runner for my table like the pink one in the photo...