April 15, 2010

Before and After: The Floors

Well, I guess it's not a true after since I still need to give it another buff, but between digging new flower beds yesterday, pulling a huge wheelbarrow load of monkey grass and then staining, waxing and hand buffing the floors last night, I don't think my shoulders will bow to more work for a few days, so it will have to do.

As I said, the wood wasn't in bad shape, just blotchy and faded. Since I used a wax instead of a clear coat, they wont be glassy shiny every, but I'm ok with that since I find shiny surfaces just show the kid/dog/renovating a house smudges. It's not perfect by any means, but better, more consistant. And even pre-buffing, it feels so much better in here. And I kinda dig that floor wax smell, it reminds me of ancient churches.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos till after I started furniture moving, and even then it was dark outside so it's hard to see the original condition of the floor, but you can get a sense of it here, just imagine that, house-wide.

I managed to get the dining room, kitchen and hall done last night. I want to tackle the playroom next but a) my arms need a break (see above) and b) it's a total wreck but Briton and I have a deal that he only has to clean it up on Fridays, so I'm hoping that Friday night I'll be ready to go and the floor will be cleared of all the Lego pieces, Playmobil heads and play dishes that are currently making the floor just about impossible to see. I'm not sure if I'll tackle the upstairs this go round. It's not as bad and, well, no one but us sees it much anyway, so it can wait a bit.



It's gorgeous out today so after some library time I think Evie and I will tackle the monkey grass. The lamp is making progress too, pictures tomorrow I think...

Now, time for a little more coffee (late night) some Tylenol (shoulders) and a walk to the library.