April 5, 2010


They say you're born with your family but you get to choose your friends. Well, I've got a pretty fantastic family but I've also got some outstanding friends.

It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm standing in the courtyard of Kennedy Space Center, waiting to take a bus out to watch an old friend take her first flight into space.Yeah, 2:30. With the kids...

Evelyn is sitting next to me in a nest of borrowed hotel blankets watching a movie on an iPhone. Briton and Will are inside buying flip flops because apparently, 7 year olds can't always be trusted to put on their shoes before leaving a hotel.

It all seems a little sureal. Dottie has been training for this since Briton was about one and it doesn't seem that long ago that she, her husband Jason and I were all young teachers in our first jobs. Hanging out on the weekends in their rented apartment our our dinky little house. Now we have three kids between us and live half a country apart not to mention the whole astronaut thing.

On board with her is Briton's Flat Stanley (which, if you have kids, or friends with kids, or kids with kids, you probably know about) that she generously offered to carry into space with her. With any luck well get a picture sometime in the next 14 days of him floating around in the shuttle. Briton is hoping next time it will be him that rides along (which doesn't surprise me since until two years ago he was SURE Auntie Dottie and Uncle Jason lived on the space station. )

Time to board. (the bus, I mean)

Go Discovery!

-- Post From My iPhone