May 6, 2011

and we're back to dresses

Remember when Evelyn suddenly wanted to wear leggings all the time? Dresses were so OVER. It was skirts and leggings, shirts and leggings and occasionally dresses and leggings. But only certain dresses. Once I got the leggings pattern down, we were set. I stocked up. Skirts, tees and leggings. Done.
Yeah, well, we're back to dresses and nothing but dresses. There were tears this morning because she couldn't find a dress that was long enough to wear without leggings (because I haven't been buying dresses so they are all waaaaaayyyyy too short) Eventually we found an acceptable skirt and unicorn shirt but I can see that, before we start culling and packing the kids clothes, I'm going to need to stock up on at least a few dresses. Thank goodness Briton could care less what he wears. I'm not sure I could deal with two children who have to change their clothes three times before heading off to school. (Yes, mom, I know, it's just payback for all the clothes changing I did)
I'm so in the mood to sew but just don't seem to have the energy or time right now. So I think we'll be hitting Marshall's this weekend to get a few things to tide us over until I have some sewing time again. But until then, I've been collecting images on my Pinterest boards of dresses that I would like to make for her. Like this one. Or this. Or this, ok, really I want that one for me.

I realized the other day that I'm going to have to seriously pare down what we bring in terms of clothes. Ironically, we've worked really hard with this house to create as much built in storage as possible which means that we have almost nothing storage wise to bring with us. No dressers, no book shelves. nada. So we're going to have to buy a chest of drawers for the kids and also one for us, but they are going to have to be small to fit in our tiny little rooms, which means the amount of what we can bring is also going to have to be small. Plus, even though our budget will be tight, we'll be in NEW YORK. I'm sure there will be several clothing shopping outings. For Evie and for me. Oh darn.