May 23, 2011

paring down and signing off (for a bit)

So this is where we are. Everything that's coming with us, with the exception of the mattresses and the couch and some odds and ends, all stacked and ready to go in the dining room. Pared down to as little as possible. Everything else is either in our very small but very tightly packed storage unit or has been sold or given away (Or is sitting in the living room waiting to be sold or given away)
Will thinks it looks like too little, I think it looks like too much but either way I guess we can deal with that when we get there, buying or finding more or chucking out to have less.

Yesterday we drove up to Washington DC to escape the packing and pick out the much coveted bunk beds plus a table for the office and some shelves for all those books that are stacked in boxes in our heap. While we were there we wandered though one of their sample apartments. You know the kind, where they set up a space with everything you need right down to the toilet paper (and all available to buy, of course). At 600 square feet, it should be about the same size as our apartment in the city. And while it seemed surprisingly spacious I cant help but wonder if that's more the magic of IKEA (short beds in the kids room, impossibly small shower) than it actually being spacious. So I'm kind of wondering just how it will feel once our books and tables and couches and chairs are in it. I guess, at this point, there's nothing to do but wait and see.
And we wont be waiting long. The house, fingers crossed that nothing stands in the way, closes on Friday, and by the time the papers are signed by everyone, Will will be picking up the keys to our new apartment and unloading our things. The kids and I head up Sunday on train. It's hard to believe that a week from now we will be New Yorkers. And carless. Actually, I'm so happy to be carless. Have you seen the price of gas? Sheesh!

New Yorkers.

Humm, that's going to take some getting used to.

I'm signing off for a week so that I can get all those last minute, call the internet company, withdraw the kids from school, pack the moving truck kind of details taken care of. See ya on the other side!