May 10, 2011

the best kind of laws

Briton's class at school has been hard at work on an economics unit that involves creating their own country and developing cities, economies and governments for their new land. When he brought home the giant map he creates I loved that all the places in his country are named after his friends. Cleoland and Hunter Valley, mountain ranges named after the boy who sits next to him, the ocean sharing a name with his teacher. It's very sweet.
Yesterday he brought home a list he had compiled about his "people". It starts with their needs versus their wants.

Needs: Family, Friends, Water, Food, Shelter.

Wants: Candy, Toys, Pets

I'm glad to see family as a need. And honestly, kinda surprised that toys are a want, I figured in a land populated by mostly 8 and 9 year-olds, toys would be a necessity.

Then we move onto the rules of the land. They are quite numerous, and almost all of them are funny in one way or another, but I'll just share a few of my favorites.

#1 No Slaves. - This one is written in all caps. I'm trying to decide if this is the first and most important rule because a) he has been learning about slavery or b) feels that, as an 8 year old under parental rule, he i a slave. I'm going to hope for the former.

# 2 Only solar power - That's my boy!

#8 No stealing from anyone, especially Ms. Busching's Chocolate - Ms. Busching is the G and T teacher at his school and is his favorite of all time teacher - and I'll tell ya what, I wouldn't want to steal her chocolate either. Strangely there is also #9 - No eating chocolate in front of Ms. Busching.

And finally my favorite- #4 No cooking endangered animals. - Because we wouldn't want that.

I'm thinking of framing these as the rules of the house.

I love kids. I mean, who needs TV when you find lists like this in their backpacks?

Anything funny coming from your kiddos these days?