June 3, 2011

snippets from the week

I know that the whole 365 days of photos thing has been out there for a while, and I really wish that I could undertake something that regular. But let's face it, I can't always get around to taking a shower so I don't think I'd be very good at making sure to take a good solid photo each day. Still, I love the idea. And one of the promises I've made to myself about this year in the city is to carry my camera with me more often. I tend to avoid being out an about with a big old camera, or even a small one, because I hate to look like a tourist. But in a city with, how many million people live here? Eight Million? Nine? Something like that, and well, who really cares if I look like a tourist here. Right?

So I'm going to try to dig deep into my memory and try to drudge up those old photojournalism skills from my J-school days and offer up a glimpse of our week through photos. They might not be precisely one a day, and at times (I hope) they will be taken by the kids so you can see New York as they see it, but hopefully it will be fun for you and for me. So here goes.

(Ahem, all that being said, most of these are from my phone, because I haven't quite got the hang of schlepping kids, a dog, groceries, a purse, a folded up or opened up stroller- depending on the time of day -and whipping out the good camera at the same time. But that will come. I hope.)

Snippets From Week One

Saying goodbye on one train

And hello on another
Unpacking, unpacking, unpacking
Trash or beauty?
Beauty for sure

Portland Coffee! Right around the corner. Ahhhhh....
And a farmer's market too!

What did you do this week? Are you doing some kind of 365 project? Link it in the comments so we can see how your week went!