June 10, 2011

snippets from the week

The past few days have been hot and so the kids and I have kept closer to home this week with the notable exception of our forray into the world of fashion so most of these are from around our own little neighborhood. Except for the one of Will. That was taken (not by me) in the Bronx. But we'll get to that.

Maybe it just....walked away?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. But seriously, those things are big, how do you loose one? Or even steal on from a normally sedate wine bar?

The ZOO! I forgot, we also went to the zoo. The kids loved it, especially the seals. And the penguins. And the lemurs. And the turtles. And the bats. They pretty much loved all of it.

Can you read that on the side there? It says "Follow me on twitter" I love that the sidewalk art guy has twitter followers.
On hot days everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, sprays down their sidewalks. I can't decide if it's to help cool things off or to make sure they don't get stinky in the heat (lots of dog pee, and probably people pee, ya know?) but it sure is a thing around here.
Yesterday was the hottest day since we've been here and being outside for more than 15 minutes had my little girl melting. So we stayed in. Briton built Legos for 6 hours (dedication, man) and Evie and I made granola, washed sheets, read books and played with pastels. She's already much better than I am with the whole blending thing. Her daddy's girl.
I'm really not sure what this is about, but it's stuck to a telephone pole on my street. Any thoughts?

The first casualty of our New York adventure. My phone. Sweaty hands + squirmy kid + sidewalk equals chunks of glass missing. Sigh. Trying to decide if I want to go ahead and get the 4G when my contract is up in July or just get another 3GS. Grrrrr....stupid hot day....
Ahem..So if you've ever wondered what kind of work one does to earn a Master's in Urban Design from Columbia, well, here you go. That is Will wandering around the Bronx wearing a periscope that he and Briton built out of k'nex. For a project. Like, with a grade. Yeah. weird, right?

How was your week? Anything fun planned this weekend? We are going to try to make it out to the Renegade Craft Festival. Plus.....

Someone small is turning FIVE! (She's already found all of her gifts. little rascal) So I've got a rainbow Hello Kitty cake to make as well. Yum yum!

Have a great weekend everyone!