June 17, 2011

snippets from the week

Briton's been in a crafty mood this week, making (and selling on the sidewalk) kites, cranking out father's day cards and art for daddy's upcoming birthday and working on pop ups, his new talent. This one is my favorite. It's our apartment building with a teeny tiny Will up in the window, Evie playing on the swings in the playgarden and in front? That's me, dropping my phone. It's hard to see but my face is clearly making an "Oh!" Which is probably more polite than what I really said in the moment.
Over the weekend the kids and I went over to Brooklyn to the Renegade Craft Festival. On the way there we saw a pay to park place with this sign. I love that you can park your bike, although a buck seems a little steep.

These egg cups were my favorite thing at the Festival. I'm not sure if it's brilliant or super freaky. I didn't buy them since we tend to need sturdier vessels for egg soldiers in our house, but I had to take a picture.
The Pick a Brick wall at the Lego store was pretty cool. Even for me. And I wasn't ever a Lego girl myself. Lots of possibilities there. Briton has already started making a list of parts he needs to get next time we go.
The Library Lions. In -
and out
Most of the week was sunny, but cool, which was kind of heavenly, I'm not going to lie.
But it did rain on the day of the Festival of Museum Mile where Fifth Avenue is closed down to traffic and the museums along it are all free for the evening. We had a great time at the Jewish Museum. We went to see the Matisse Exhibit at Briton's request but then made a quick exit when he decided the nudes were a bit much for him (hilarious eye aversion) and headed upstairs to the Maria Kalman room. I'd never heard of her before but as it turns out, she wrote and illustrated my favorite ever New York children's book. While the museum was fun, I think the best part was walking down the middle of a car free Fifth Avenue in the rain. Beautiful.

This weekend we hope to go to the Brooklyn Flea (Yay! Exciting!) and it's Will's turn for a Birthday. I think we are all caked out though so we'll have to figure something else out for a scrummy birthday dessert! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! See you next week!