December 19, 2011

perhaps i am a city mouse after all

Although not in the long run, I'm sure of that.

We are currently three quarters of the way through a road trip to the midwest, via friends back in Charlottesville for one blissful day (miss you all!) and now a stop to see Will's family in Kentucky. Hysterically (or maybe it's just sleep deprivation) all four of us - well, five actually since the dog should be counted here - have had a "we are not in the city anymore!" moment.

On the view out the window in New Jersey -

Briton - "Are we in Africa?"
Me - "No, we're in New Jersey."
Briton - "What is that out there? It looks like the African Savannah."
Me - "That's grass."

Upon exiting Manhattan at dawn over the George Washinton Bridge -

Will - "Wow, is it me or did it just get dramatically brighter out there! The sun just suddenly came up!"
Me - "No, we just aren't driving in between buildings, so we can see the sky."
Will - "Ahhh, you're right!"

While discussing the possibility of playing in the backyard at Will's Grandparents house -

Evelyn - "Can we go to the park back there?"
Briton - "That's not a park, that's a yard. But behind the yard is the Common, like Bowling Green."
Evelyn - "OK. Can we go to the park back there?"

There was also a moment where I thought we had veered out of the town we are visiting this evening, only to realize that the lack of a bazillion lights was just because it's, you know, a suburban neighborhood.

And also. The dog didn't want to pee in the grass at first. She kept looking for sidewalk.

We've also had a difficulty with needing to stop and only being able to find a Walmart at that critical moment. Which has led me to spend some time, across a few states, perusing some of the quality gifts on offer.
"Style with Comfort!" So true.
While the name, here, was the initial selling point for me, now I'm leaning toward "zippered back hatch" as the best part of this particular item.
But if neither of these two floats your boat, I picked this paper up on route and noticed that it has some holiday gifts on offer as well. Would you prefer a "Just Busted" T-shirt or coffee mug?

Ahhh, road trips.... So much fun, so many miles.