December 9, 2011

snippits of the week

It's been a little bit crazy around here this week, crazier than normal I mean. Will is days away from the end of term which means he's working day and night and we don't see him much, and the kids and I are heavily into holiday making.
Lots of making. With much more to come as well (cookies! I have cookies to bake still this week!)

Gingerbread houses have been decorated, and nibbled on. And nibbled on some more. Somehow I don't think they'll make it to Christmas.
Evie's doll suitcase is slowly but surely taking shape. Three rooms out of six are mostly done, the other three are a little done and I've made one dress and one pair of shoes. Still a lot left to work on, but at least I'm making progress!
Our friends the firemen have been decorating as well. They have an enormous tree in the firehouse. It's HUGE!
I know I shouldn't, I have so many other projects in the works, but I've started a hat for myself because IT'S COLD! And I've been looking or something to knit with that very fuzzy yarn lurking in the bottom of my stash. It's a twined project which means I have to pay close attention, but lots of fun.

Hilarious, as always
Briton and I went to a homeschool game time where the kids could play chess, pool, shuffleboard, ping pong and a variety of other games. What did my boy choose? He spent two hours rolling four sets of pool balls into the holes over and over so that he could watch the underworkings of a pool table. Engineer brain.

Have a happy and cozy weekend with lots of snuggles everyone!