December 2, 2011

snippits of the week

Between being sick and hosting Thanksgiving, I haven't gotten to do one of these in a while, so forgive me for the excess of photos.
First, it was Movember, did ya know? Will, sadly, did not grow a 'stache for the month, but I made these mustache lollipops for the kids to get into the spirit.
Evelyn's class had what was, perhaps, the cutest little Thanksgiving feast ever. The parents were asked to bring something that was traditional for their family's Thanksgiving meal and I was surprised at all the different dishes. The kids only ate the macaroni and cheese and pumpkin pie, but the rest of us got to try different salads, pastas and some crazy yummy fried pancake things.

Traditionally, we head out to hunt for a tree the Friday after Thanksgiving, which I know seems early to some people, but I like to get as much out of my Christmas month as possible.
We spent Friday being lazy after our big party the night before so Saturday was tree day.

It was also Homeschool craft fair day and go see Knuffle Bunny: a Cautionary Musical at NYU day.
And since we were down at NYU, we had to hang out for a while in Washington Square park with the students and the crazies and the crazy students.
It was a busy day. Fun, but busy.
Our tree being kid sized, Briton and Evie took charge of getting it home. On the bus. No one seemed to think that was odd.

Once the tree was up, our elf George showed up, as he always does this time of year. He's a very silly elf, let me tell you.
Evelyn is tracking the growth of our Amaryllis plant, it's nslow going and I'm a little worried that it won't bloom till spring, so this could be a long lasting project.
And finally, Fifi the shopping cart bit the dust in grand fashion this week, disintegrating at an alarming rate during the three block walk between the subway and our apartment. Moments after this was taken is was mere pile of metal rods. Poor Fifi, we'll miss her. And also, we'll have to replace her, because I can't live without a shopping cart now.