May 1, 2012

another month, another handspun

I've done less spinning this month than I have the last two. With Will having a smidgen more free time, I've had less sit-by-myself-of-an-evening-and-spin time, which, much as I love spinning, is fine by me. It's nice to have him home more.
For the second month in a row I've participated in a month-long spinning challenge over at the Spindlers Group on Ravelry. There's no reward to the challenge, no prize, the winner is chosen at random, but having a theme and a deadline helps me keep at it. This months theme was Snips and Snails from the old poem, which perfectly fit a braid of fiber I bought with socks for Briton in mind.
When I was plying up the two strands last   I felt a little dissapointed by the muted colors.

I had expected more contrast, the varied colors were what drew me to the fiber in the first place. I washed it, fulled it and hung it to dry, not expecting to like it much more in the morning. But whether it was the washing or the better light, today, I'm loving it. This is only half of the 4 oz braid I bought and at 300 yards so far, I should have enough for a pair of socks, or maybe mittens, for my boy-o. He is, after all, the one who seems to appreciate mommy-knits the most in the family. I think he deserves something warm and fuzzy and boy colored.

I haven't decided if I'll do another challenge next month, between graduation and end of the year and starting to pack and possible real, solid free time with my husband, I suspect I may be a bit busy. Instead I'll probably continue on with the rest of the boy-yarn. We'll see. Something may tempt me away and onto a new project. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll find myself with a spinning wheel in my living room and then packing and touristing will, I fear, go by the wayside for a few weeks while I play. Humm, maybe I should wait on that wheel until after we've moved to...wherever we are going to move to (still no news there).