May 14, 2012

green as far as the eye can see

My apologies for the radio silence there last week. We took a spur of the moment, post finals/per-graduation get the heck out of dodge trip up to New England last week. Now that graduation week is officially upon us (YAY!) I may be in and out this week too. So many things to do and people to say goodbye to and end of year events to attend. It's shaping up to be a busy week.

Which makes last week all the more appreciated. Trees trees trees. Mountains and water and little towns with one stoplight. The kids rolled in grass and picked dandelions and got their shoes wet and climbed every tree they could (no Central Park Rangers in sight to tell them there is NO CLIMBING TREES IN THE PARK! Phew)

We all needed that. A little bit of nothing. No crowds, no horns honking, grass underfoot, leaves overhead. Perfect.