May 18, 2012

snippits of the week - the graduation edition

This week has careened by in a blue and white blur. So much so that last night I kept reminding myself to watch Mystery, then had to remind myself that it was Thursday, not Sunday. I still feel a little discombobulated, but life is winding back toward normal, whatever normal will be for the next few weeks.
I keep catching myself wishing things would hurry up and be done with already instead of being content to just enjoy this moment. Will walking across the stage (and getting an award! Woop!) Sunny days and cool nights where he doesn't need to hunker down in studio, or stay glued to the computer, or prep for a presentation.
In a few weeks (I hope) we'll be settled, somewhere, back in an ordinary life, so right now is the time to just hang out, enjoy, and recover. I just have to remind myself of that in my rush to what's next.
Graduation was lovely. Sunny, maybe a little too warm, but beautiful. The speakers were excellent, and funny which, for some reason, surprised me and the kids, miraculously, sat (mostly) quietly for the whole six hour ceremony.
And now we are through. We made it. We still don't know what's on the other side, but that will come (patience, Gillian, patience)